Crisis Risk and Risk Management

#riskmanagement #geopoliticalrisk“The frequency of economic and #financialcrises is not increasing, but #politicalcrises can make #economiccrises more likely. The paper suggests that feedback between non-economic and economic crises can be important, but there is no comparable evidence for #climaterisk.” Lire

Geopolitical Risk and Financial Stress

“This paper investigates the relationship between #geopoliticalrisk and #financialstress using a bivariate #var model. The study uses the #gpr Index to measure geopolitical risk and the OFSR FSI index to measure financial stress over a period of 06 January 2000 – 03 March 2023 on daily data. The results show a significant relationship between financial stress and geopolitical risk.” Lire

Risk Management and the Board of Directors

“… new risks—and the intensification of longstanding risks—are pressure-testing the agility and resilience of corporate strategies, risk management systems and practices.” Lire

Does Geopolitical Risk Stifle Technological Innovation?

“… we disentangle GPR into its two components: geopolitical threats and geopolitical acts. We document that the effect of threats is greater than that of acts, indicating that unrealized risk is more detrimental than realized risk.” Lire