Financial Event Evolution Knowledge Graph: A Novel Approach of Event Analysis and Risk Discovery

This #china Wuhan University study proposes a Financial Event Evolution Knowledge Graph (FEEKG) to identify key risk sources by event association and clarify the path of #riskevents. The FEEKG has a multi-layer structure of “entity-event-risk” and includes a subgraph of about 112,000 entities and 78,500 relationships, an event evolution subgraph, and a dynamic evolution probability subgraph of topic […]

Risk, Reward and Resilience: The Triple R Framework

“This Article provides a novel heuristic framework for understanding the three elements of Risk, Reward and Resilience (the Triple R Framework), which synthesizes and integrates insights from diverse disciplines and domains. It sets out the drivers of each element, shows how they are connected and sketches the policy choices which they present, before applying the framework […]