Artificial Intelligence Act: A Policy Prototyping Experiment: Operationalizing the Requirements for AI Systems – Part I

This report presents the findings and recommendations of the Open Loop’s policy prototyping program on the #eu #artificialintelligence Act (#aia ), which involved 53 AI companies participating in an online platform to provide feedback on selected articles of the AIA. While the majority of the participants found the provisions to be clear and feasible, there were areas for improvement […]

Prohibited Artificial Intelligence Practices in the Proposed EU Artificial Intelligence Act

“The unacceptable risks are those that are deemed to contravene Union values, and they are therefore considered as “prohibited AI practices” by Article 5 AIA. The proposed prohibition covers four categories: 1) AI systems deploying subliminal techniques, 2) AI practices exploiting vulnerabilities, 3) social scoring systems, and 4) “real-time” remote biometric identification systems. “ Lire