Transforming Operational Excellence in Risk and Control Management into Competitive Advantage

"Firmwide is the easiest way to create maximum value out of your investment
in risk-management"
Hélène Dufour
Founder &CEO


When risk arises, agility is key. It is our task as risk managers to combat denial and help organizations learning from their mistakes.

We ensure that all initiatives taken to improve resilience in front of risk events follow the proportionality principle.

We build, inspire and nurture a community of risk managers to share best practices and learn from each other.


After more than 15 years in research and development with the largest financial instutions, we have developped a risk-intelligence platform making risk-profiling and risk-quantification fast and simple. Firmide is the first software solution to cover all risk-mitigation processes: from Human Capital management, to Anti-fraud, Complicance, IT ecurity, and internal & financial control.


Risk Profiling

Loss Data & Incident Management

Scenario based Risk Quantification

Risk Mitigation Process scoring

Control Effectiveness Testing

Risk Transfer to Insurance

Risk Performance Reporting

Evidence Management

Action Plan Monitoring


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